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How To Dress For Professional interviews Pt 2.

How to dress for a professional interview.

Last week OFB tips we treated this topic but we talked about the male.

Well today its the turn of the females.
Remember your interviewer may not know you for a long period of time.
 So you maximize every opportunity you get to show your interviewer you are worthy of the job. During interviews assessments starts when you walk into the office of your interviewer and it begins with dressing.

How do you dress for a professional interview?

*suits: wear dark coloured suits,black,brown, navy blue and dark grey or ashes colour.
Also the shit shirts should be long enough to cover your knees, but not too long so you can sit comfortably.

* coordinating blouse: wear light coloured blouse. A colour that blends with your complexion and avoid putting on colours that are too loud. E.g a mixture of red and green or orange.

Shoes: wear shoes that suits your clothes. While wearing conservative shoes (heels) they could make you miss your steps or even tend to make you fall. Always put on shoes you can properly walk while wearing it. In as much as the High heeled shoes makes one look classy they could also bring embarrassment to you. So use them properly.

*jewelry: while going for an interview avoid the use of dangling earrings a simple earring could be use or better still a dotted or peanut as popularly  called could be used.

* hair style: professional hair styles should be made. Black and brown are the two colours which are accepted. Avoid the used of multi coloured weavons in the name of looking stunning. And if you are not making  your hair. Go for clean cuts which also makes you look matured responsible and presentable.

*Make up: light makeup should be applied. Avoid heavy make ups as most times they make you look too loud and irresponsible before you interviewer. Remember you are meeting for the first time and may not really know who you are and will judge from appearance.

* Nails: your nails should be neatly manicured apply little or no polish. Also while using  artificial nails, use nails that looks natural and that are not too long but moderate and beautiful. As a lady everything in you should reflect neatness.

* Perfumes: pungent odour perfumes can make you loose your job as your interviewer maybe asthmatic so wear perfumes with moderate odour.
Also use files for your documents do not carry ambiguous hand bag for an interview.

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