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Lmaoo: Alibaba Attacks Amber Rose Over Mr Ibu

Earlier today American celebrity Amber Rose share this pics on Instagram. The photo which was directed at one of Nigeria's Nollywood actor and comic actor John Okafor Aka Mr Ibu.
The photo which Amber describe Mr Ibu as one who is crushing on her.
The post which went viral on Instagram as many Nigerians commented seriously on it.

Among those who commented was Nigeria's king of comedy Ali baba. He attacked Amber comparing her with Oprah Winfrey posting a pictures of oprah and Amber. See photo below.

He said" there are women whom w
We sooooo love for their brains,beauty, empowerment of women, their business acumen, dress sense, their story,their struggle , education of the girl child,and their inspiration of both man and woman,black or white tall or short.....then their some who nobody wants their daughter to be like, except when she don finally enter market as he said. This second type, can inspire their kind as much as we like them from a distance we strongly believe  any man that is with them is not totally alright.sadly these kind of ladies thinks they are every man's dreams, if could be true though. Because if you put it to Vote the men who will love Oprah Winfrey will mostly likely be responsible.men or men with target to be with women who Influences them on their way to be responsible. The men that will like the other one in the posted picture...... You knw na person wey dem pray for no make na . na the person wey dem curse?
She even get mind yabb Mr ibu ...make una tag her sef see comparison.opio wey claim hero#ps. I expected some Dimwits to call my post to order. If a Nigerian guy had posted that nonsense she posted about Mr Ibu hw would have been fresh meat for the week.. Ok lets make it graphics. If a Nigerian guy had posted one shapeless Nigerian Actress and compared her with Angelina Jolie and said this babe this is a babu.... He would have been called racist and several unprinted names. Now it's a #meme. It's what we didn't get the joke. But when. But when a comedian does a joke, activists come with sharp knives and mouth. She said her own I have said mine . when it suits some they support crap. Then crap on us when we return the Favour. Awon Omo Amber".

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