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WHY I WANT TO BUSINESS NETWORK? ........Mario Francis.

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It's a write up  from an OFB visitor. It's inspiring only if you can have the patience of reading to the end.

I started the very not so pleasing task of finishing a book, not just any book but a book about business. I sometimes feel uneasy when it comes to book reading at least if not science inclined or to get a good grade in school or better still to enrich my spirituality, but I was at a cross road, the economy over the years experienced much havoc, the future being so vague to predict at least even optimize about without much caution. with the financial setback of dad who over the years experienced riches somewhat in the E quadrants( where E denotes employee), it was a time for me to make daring decisions, it was toward the end of my second semester as a year one student that I was given the opportunity of being introduced to a new business model-Business Networking. This business model was new to me, of course as a young man, being fascinated about new things, I decided to give it a shot, of course this wasn’t without my skeptical analysis about this new business model that somewhat to me resembled the get rich scheme platforms which I held in great disdain and never wanted to venture into, but as the book which I read, rightly said, “sometimes to learn new things you have to unlearn the old” which implied that I had to let go of such thinking and instead educated myself about this new opportunity as I rightly did after reading the book, Business of the Twenty First Century by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

It took a lot of guts not just to read the book but also to reeducate myself about making genuine wealth, which I had for long thought was securing a good paying job with fringe benefits, of course the book argued that notion when it stated that wealth is not about money but knowledge about money in fact not just money smartness but entrepreneur skills to go with, without further ado, I could rightly conclude that the Business Networking model was a genuine way to generate genuine wealth that was spurned by the productivity of a network. So one’s wealth is not dependent totally on ones knowledge, skill and sales but replicates over the network one has created, that is to say; individual effort is being duplicated and the product afterward sums up the persons productivity which translates into wealth. Indeed I found not just a mechanism for creating wealth but the knowledge and guts to make it work. But it started with the book I was advised to read of which I did on the 22nd of July, 2015 and completed on the 2nd of October, 2015 which was surprisingly the day after the celebration of the Independence of Nigeria.

I believe not in the mumble jumbo of destiny, I do believe that the collective actions of a man paves his way forward, and thus become the foundation for any future achievement and not predestination, no one was destined to be poor or rich, but with reasons too numerous to mention many find themselves in those sectors. My point is we all have dreams, not the ones we experience during our sleep but the ones we foresee for ourselves, of course this varies with individuals most times such dreams are way over our head and most times below, but in either cases we need dreams not just any, but realistic ones, mine is to be financially independent from my parents and instead be able to give back.
Living in the Jet age of course no one is too little these days to talk about money nor make them, the worlds scenes are changing and the amount of knowledge makes a man not age, also the ability to achieve dreams or set goals transforms knowledge gained to wisdom. In addition my mum being a lover of cooking, I mean she really makes wonders happen in the kitchen. I would love to see her own her own business a big one at that, and hence be able to harness her full chef skills to the fullest. Even as lowly as the goals I have are, they are just what I need to get my engine of determination running. The thing about dreams is that when you achieve them then you set big ones, and my big dream is to publish a book on Poetry and my Life as it was in the University.

Mario Francis.
A student of the Rivers State university of science and technology. And a poet.

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