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Drama Rocks Naijas Craziest Over Eat And Run Comedian.

Well its seems we have a drama tonight sure I have a gossip for you lovelies.

Popular comedy brand on YouTube Naijas craziest. The brand which comprises of 5 gentlemen.

OFB gathered that problems started when one of the member(Lets call him A) had a show but could not meet up but so he asked another member of the crew(lets call him B) to help him anchor a show which happens to be a wedding of one of his client.
 Instead of member B to go for the show which member A paid him some amount of money to anchor, he invited someone else who is not a member of the crew to be the MC at the wedding.

OFB gathered that the guy who represented member B as the MC was a disaster, he ruined the wedding due to his poor performance .

Mr B was accused of stealing by Mr A,as he never told Mr A he did not go for the show.

This brought controversies as the crew members asked Mr B to repay,Mr A the money given to him to anchor the wedding, also he should pay the disastrous guy who ruined the wedding but Mr B refused insisting he is paying no one*winks*

Well the group has suspended Mr B from naijas craziest, for not returning the money to Mr A at the deadline given to him by the crew.
According to a post shared on their official page which was a disclaimer saying Mr B is  no longer a member of the brand.
I would have sent
you that in a photo, but the
post was deleted few hours later.

What's your view on this. Do you think Mr B deserves mercy?


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Its probably not the first time.for them to take action.

    2. Of course na, no be d 1st time. D guy na correct robber.

  2. Its office pin I guess.I'm not surprised

  3. We all know it's office pin. Yes he should not return to the group. I have experienced his evil deed first hand.

    1. Mr anonymous pls reveal urself..

    2. Well..I'm not surpirsed... officepin has been a jerk from day one.. this is what they wld have done yearsssssss agoooo...

  4. Lol the guy he sent must have been really bad


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