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Saturday With OFB Episode 1: The Family.

Today on Saturday with OFB.

I am so excited sharing this with you.

The first episode of Saturday with OFB and lets discuss the family.
When we talk about the family, I mean the man and his wife as the basic unit of a family.

Have you asked yourself why isn't there peace in my family?
What can I do to maintain peace in my family?.

Today I will be writing on how a man can make his family a peaceful and enjoyable home.
According to the scripture man and woman ones they are married they become one, and are supposed to work together.

The day you got married to your spouse (wife) you become her father,lover,cover,teacher and her everything and same also applies to the wife. She is supposed to find love and peace in your arms.

The answers to the questions above:

When you marry a nagging wife there is every tendency that the peace of home will be lost. A woman does not nag just because she wants to, she nags because of unpleasant situations happening around her or attitudes her husbands put on which  irritates her, but may not want to say it directly to him and will pick up nagging as a habit.
How to maintain peaceful relationshipwith your wife?

1. Never compare you
r wife to other women you don't know what their husbands are going through.

2. Never expose your wife's weakness to your friends, family or run to them when ever you have issues. Problems are best solved between you and your wife.

3. Speak gently to your wife never raise your voice on her as it demeans her and makes her feel you think she is stupid.

4. Don't think you are a man and therefore you can use intimidations, shouts or violence to communicate your mood. Aggressive man don't make a happy home.

5. Do  your responsibility as a man( as a father, husband and inlaw). Don't leave every to your woman.

5. Sex is important In a home. It is a spice created by God to make marriage blissful. Never compromise her pleasure.

6. Never shot down your wife or  challenge in front of the children. The children are watching the won't listen or obey her too.

7. Tell your wife she is beautiful even, women love compliments. Also treat your wife like a queen, give her suprises, once in a while, cook for her.

8. A prayerful husband is an equipped husband. Don't leave prayers to your wife alone. Always pray for your wife and family.
A husband should never fail to listen to his wife.
I will be writing  about the role of the woman next week.

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