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Inspirational: The Help You Need....Ace Commedian Ali Baba.

Ace commedian Ali Baba always dishes out inspirational messages.
The commedian shared a piece on help one need to make it through in life.

He shared a photo and a caption, which talks about help,
See photo below:

"We all need something to measur Define what you are standing up for, determine the leverage you need to measure up.
Then begin to work out, who can give to you, do not burn bridges you need to get there, no matter the situation, because a ladder that is needed is non negotiable.
Don't be ashamed of people seeing that, you got help for you to stand tall, you know what the help is doing for you.
Ask a lady that is below 5" 2 tall how she feels in 6inches stilettos, she knows you know, she got assisted but she still feels non negotiable.

As you can see from the from the picture, some may need little assistance while other definitely need a lot.
Don't compare yourself to people who need little, because when you do, you soon find ouf that your need will use up the assistance faster than the person whose needs is just small.
When you look around, you may see people who need just 2m naira to make a difference in their lives, you look again,some are looking for just 200k and they are made.
This why you don't need to compare your self to people who are in first class while you are in economy, I mean in flight. The person who is in first may have paid 2.5m for a seat, and you paid 350k for your economy "economic" seat.
Even if you wished you are in first class, you needed to because the difference in cost could be your shopping money.
Please note, you got the biggest assistance now does not mean you will remain so,
As the picture shows, the guy who got the biggest assistance may stand taller than the guy who got the least assistance.
Bottom line: We all need help, our needed help would differ, don't mess up who glaringly would provide that help, no matter what you think.
People will help you, but they can't be forced, you may also determine how much help you get, by how you present yourself ".

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