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Interviews: Queen Jasmine Anona Interviewed By OFB.

 It's another Saturday, with ongoing election in Rivers State.
Today we bring you exclusive 2hours interview with beautiful and humble face of Democracy Advocacy Nigeria,Queen Anona Mmesoma  Jasmine.
In our chat with the beauty queen, we talked about her career as a model, her winning at the stage of  Advocacy Nigeria, where she emerged the winner etc.

See interview below:

Good afternoon thanks for accepting our request.
You are welcome.

So can we meet you?

 My name is Anona Mmesoma Jasmine ,the current face of democracy Nigeria (advocacy),am the 6th out of 7 children,am from Abagana in Anambra state. Am  graduate of Anthropology from University of Ibadan

 And how did bag the deal of being the face of democracy Nigeria

 I went in for the  contest after I made it through the audition ,like every other girl out of the 36 contestants ,I put in my best .
I made sure I wasn't missing out in any activity held in camp ,always tried my best to be punctual even when its not the most favorable condition, i remember not having enough sleep yet had to wake up very early for morning exercise.
On the grand finale ,I woke up in the morning and prayed to God, throughout  that night I had a nice smile on my face although ,a kind of smile that made the judges and the audience interested in me. I walked down the stage with poise and elegance like I owned it

Lol.I am trying to picture that.
Are you into modeling
 Yes am into modeling ,but wasn't so serious With it ,because I had to combine it with school.
But now am through will have to allocate more time to it.

How did your parents feel when you started modeling?
Were they supportive?
 My mum is late ,when she was alive she knew about it and she was in support ,my dad didn't really know about it ,until I became the face of democracy ,he was quite excited about my winning.

If you were not a model what other profession will you be looking at?
Am an anthropologist already ,but I also like acting ,so I could be an actor.

Wow. Should we look forward to seeing you in movies soon?
 Yes, you should ,very soon.
 Back to the stage when you were Crowned queen, what was the feeling when the judges were looking at you before calling the winner?
Well at through the even I noticed the judges scrutinized every one of the contestants as they cat walked ,shaking their heads and point out mistakes when others moved made me nervous,it made me wonder what dey said about me as well .

How do you intend giving back to the society?
I have already started giving back to the society ,and this am doing through the less privileged amongst us. I celebrated my Valentine's Day with the less privileged who have bin rendered homeless and jobless by Bokoharam,they are internally displaced people,I went to the camp in Abuja to show some love.
Photos below:

 Interesting am beginning to adjust my sit.

What's your definition of fashion as a model?
My definition of fashion is decent,modest and simple.

What are your aspiration as a model and beauty queen?
I aspire to be a better person everyday,to be able to help and reach out to people that are hopeless dwelling amongst us.

Who is(are) your role model(s)?
 My elder sisters,and Agbani Darego

Why do your look up to her as a role model?
 They are the best sisters any one can have ,they are brilliant, supportive,hardworking ,God fearing and they are all doing well in there different fields

So tell us about your relationship
Big question right?

 That's a bit personal.

 I think we are done for today. Am super excited

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