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Saturday With OFB: Tears Drop Episode 1.

It's a sunny Saturday here in the garden city of port Harcourt, don't know about your area.  lolz, but you could tell us the weather condition over there.

I have a very interesting story to tell, I will share new episodes after every one hour, so stay on the blog.

Tears drop...... Episode 1.

Sandra just heard the news of the death of her mother a few minutes to
her job interview.

She was the next to go in the queue. Her mum was the only person she
had now. Her dad just passed away a year ago and ever since life has
been difficult for them.

Sandra was two months pregnant, this was as a result of a gang rape 3
months ago. No one knew about this, not even her dead mum. A neighbour
broke the news to her on phone.

She stood at the reception stunned by the news. She quickly ran from
the reception leaving her particulars and hand bag behind.

Her house was just 4 kilometers away from where she was going to have
the interview.
She got home only to see the police at the scene.
The death of her mother appeared to be a suicide.

She got there early enough to see her mum still hanging on a rope tide
around her neck from the ceiling.

Tears run down her chicks as she looked up at her mother's corpse.
"So this is real" she asked herself.

The police took her away from scene. Robert, the neighbour who had
called her earlier on to inform her about the news accommodated her at
his place as the police took the corpse to the morgue.

She kept weeping, Robert consoled her and offered her water to drink.

Few minutes just after drinking the water she felt drowsy and all of
sudden feel into a deep slumber.
Robert looked at her as she lied on the sofa, and kept on smiling.

He had drugged Sandra, he hurriedly took of his trouser and raped her.
Wickedness and lust took over him.
As if that was not enough, he took her nude pics to serve as a leverage
just to keep her mouth shut when she wakes up.

Episode 2 after an hour.

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