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Inspirational: Tears Drop Episode 1-6.

I have been away for some days now, I tender my apologies.
Dear OFB visitors, my little way of saying am sorry and thank you all for keeping up with my blog I am presenting tears drop full episodes.

Tears drop episode 1-6.

Sandra just heard the news of the death of her mother a few minutes to her job interview, she was the next to go in the queue, her mum was the only person she had now. Her dad just passed away a year ago and ever since life has been difficult for them.

Sandra was two months pregnant, this was as a result of a gang rape 3
months ago. No one knew about this, not even her dead mum, a neighbour
broke the news to her on phone.

She stood at the reception stunned by the news. She quickly ran from the reception leaving her particulars and hand bag behind, ger house was just 4 kilometers away from where she was going to have the interview.
She got home only to see the police at the scene.
The death of her mother appeared to be a suicide, she got there early enough to see her mum still hanging on a rope tide
around her neck from the ceiling.
Tears ran down her chicks as she looked up at her mother's corpse.
"So this is real" she asked herself

The police took her away from scene. Robert, the neighbour who had called her earlier on to inform her about the news accommodated her at his place as the police took the corpse to the morgue, she kept weeping, Robert consoled her and offered her water to drink.

Few minutes just after drinking the water she felt drowsy and all of
sudden feel into a deep slumber.
Robert looked at her as she lied on the sofa, and kept on smiling.
He had drugged Sandra, he hurriedly took of his trouser and raped her.
Wickedness and lust took over him.
As if that was not enough, he took her nude pics to serve as a leverage
just to keep her mouth shut when she wakes up.

Tears drop Episode 2

Few minutes after 8pm, Sandra woke up. She immediately noticed that Robert had slept with her. On other the hand, Robert was no where to be found. He had left the premises before Sandra could woke up, with pains in her abdomen, she slowly walked home.

So much for her in a single day, now the thought of how she was going to
give her mum a befitting burial ran through her mind, at this moment
she had absolutely nothing, no money, no family, no friends, no loved one,It was just her and her unborn child.

Days came by, She still hasn't set her eyes on Robert, her mum was still in the morgue. She had spent a lot on the morgue expenses, now
there was nothing left on her.

A knock came from the door, she rushed to check who it was only to find a brown envelope at her doorstep, she looked around to see if she could trace the one who delivered but to no avail.
She took the envelope inside and curiously opened it. It was copies of her nude photos. Her postures in the photos looked like she posed for the camera. Robert was smart about that. It will be difficult for her to even make a report that Robert had raped her.
The envelope carried another message "Odas Guesthouse-room 202,
Sandra didn't know the extent of where the photos had gotten to. It was obvious that Robert wants to meet her at the guesthouse given.
Sandra also saw this as an opportunity to vindicate herself. She planned to secretly record the conversation she will have with Robert when she gets to guesthouse.

She set off at exactly 9:15pm and got to the guesthouse 5 minutes before time. She located room 202 and knocked on the door. Her assumption were right, Robert was the one who answered the door as she expected.

Tears drop  Episode 3

He invited her in and offered her a seat which she refused. Robert laughed at himself when Sandra rejected the offer, he had his
own code of ethics and to him, no woman should ever say no to him. He goes for what he wants no matter how he will get it and for Sandra to reject a seat from him, violence was the only thing he could think of.

Looking very furious, he looked straight into Sandra's eyes and offered her a seat again. Before she could open her mouth to say no, Robert landed a heavy back hand slap on her face that instantly got her dizzy.

He immediately pushed her against the wall, turned her around, and
penetrated her from behind, tears ran down her cheeks, helplessly
as she wept her heart out Robert was so aggressive. Suddenly, something rectangular in shape fell from Sandra. This drew the attention of Robert, he noticed
it was a voice recorder.
Sandra was in deep trouble now, who will come to her rescue, for the
second time she has been raped by the same man. Her pregnancy is
as a result of a gang rape, her mum who was her only hope committed

Perhaps she should do the same thing. She just gave up. Robert on the other hand kept staring at her. Sandra quickly rushed to the door but it was locked.

Robert got more angry, with the tape recorder in his hand, he again
landed a blow on her face that got her bleeding through her nostrils.
She was completely weak now, she just couldn't cry for help, the more
she fights for her life the more torture she endures.
Robert enjoyed seeing her in pains and helpless. He didn't finish what
he started, this time around he stripped Sandra naked and right there on the floor, he had intercourse with her. While on the act, there came knock on the door.
Who could it be. A hero?

Tears drop" Episode 5

"I can explain,I can explain, he raped me" Sandra continued.
"Lady, explain to the police when they get here" The Hotel attendant
He locked Sandra in the room with Robert's dead body and went
ahead with the police.

Sandra's problems just kept piling up. The more she lived the more mess and misfortune came upon her. Her life is now a complete disaster. She is now a suspected murderer. Society was cruel to her. "The victim - Now a murderer".

Before she could think of how to explain herself or even escape, she
heard the siren of the police.
Her legs begun wobbling,
Her heart beat was unusual.
The Hotel attendant opened the door accompanied by four police men. As
soon as they entered they quickly handcuffed her.
Before she could utter a word, the police cautioned her with their
usual caution statement
"You have the right to remain silent or everything you say will be used
against you in the court of law"
They took her away and also convened Roberts body to the police morgue for further autopsy.
They examine the room for any substance that could be used as an evidence.
Fortunately they came across the broken recorder and took it along.
Sandra was kept in jail for 48hrs before they could take her to the
court, at this moment, she had lost all hope and has given up in life, she had no lawyer, no relative, no witness. It was just her. How will she come out of this mess. The first day of the hearing begun.

"Tear Drop" Episode 6

She had no lawyer, no relative, no witness. It was just her. How will
she come out of this mess?

The first day of the hearing begun, at the court, a young guy dressed
classically noticed Sandra, she looked familiar to him, he then came closer to were they stood at the entrance of the court to look at her closer. He recognized her immediately, this guy by name Elton was the drunk guy who was pushed away by Robert when he knocked on the door of the hotel.

He is an undercover CID, who only happened to be working on a case that involved prostitution.

He was at the hotel undercover as a drunk man doing his investigations.

Elton wondered what Sandra was doing at the court handcuffed, he waited for her outside the court room. While hearings was going on he kept on wondering what she could have been arrested for.

Even though he was undercover at the hotel, the position he saw her on
the floor was quite questionable. He didn't really pay attention but
somehow he started thinking of it all over again.
He had missed something, he didn't get what Sandra was trying to
communicate to him.
Now everything was getting back to him, that made him more curious as
to why she has been arrested.
About 45 minutes later, there came Sandra accompanied by the police,
her case was adjourned, the Judge adjourned it so that the persecutors
will gather more substantial evidence, meanwhile Sandra was not granted bail. She was to remain in jail until 2 weeks time, when given date will be due.

Elton was permitted to talk to Sandra just for some few minutes before she was taken back to jail.
"Miss, am sure you don't recognise me" Elton asked. " am not so sure"
said Sandra"

"I was the drunk guy who interrupted you and your guy at the hotel, by
the way where is he" he questioned her.

" dead, he is not my guy, he raped me, i tried depending myself, accidentally,he hit his head on the wooden frame of the bed......" She narrated everything to Elton.
Instantly Elton believed her, that is unusual of detectives. They don't
usually come to a conclusion like that but in Elton's case, he was
falling in love with her.

Her sadness in her eyes made him feel he really needed him.
He didn't fall for her out of pity but this is actually the first time he felt that way.
Is it true love?

Blog visitors can predict what the end will be by commenting, let's see who gets it right.

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