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Baby Mama Drama! Stephanie Cooker's Fiance Has A Baby Mama.

Media girl Stephanie Coker Recently got engaged to Olumide Aderinokun and there was viral excitement from her celebs friends who congratulated her online and wished her well.

Well the new fiance Olumide has a baby mama and she was left in shock in an exclusive report by SDK.

Read below:

 Olumide has a son named Hector who was born in March this year in the states to a Nigerian mother with name Jecinta Powell from Imo state.
 The baby is allegedly currently in France being cared for by his grandma.

According to insiders,The mum ,a UNILAG graduate fell pregnant without Olumide's consent and because she wanted to quicken up the Ring process of the man she was in love with......

Olumide allegedly didn't want the child and allegedly asked for a termination but  She wasn't having any of it and went silent after asking her friends to plead with him on her behalf.

According to insiders ''The child was born in March this year and baby mama thought she would soon be wifed but Olumide's recent engagement has been a huge shock to all in her corner.

Olumide has allegedly refused to take responsibility because he allegedly bought the idea that she engineered the entire thing from the start. Insiders say that Jacinta somehow wished that things would get back to normal between her and Olumide and they would marry....Awwwwww,someone else got the ring.


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