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Blogger JTO Fashion Temi Otedola Interview With Genevieve Magazine.

Temi Otedola.

Blogger and Fashionista Temi Otedola of JTO Fashion in an interview with Genevieve Magazine September issue blogger watch list as she features in the magazine’s Fashion.

 The 20years old daughter of oil mogul Femi Otedola made it to the cover of one of the most influential Nigerian Magazine.

Temi's blog recieves an average of 16,000 online visitors a month.

In her interview with the magazine, she speaks on her X factor and what makes JTO Fashion unique, her family name and how she deals with the negativity surrounding her blogger spotlight.
Here's a scoop of the interview:

On what is most unique about JTO

I like to see JTO Fashion as a reflection of who I am as a person. When it comes to my personal style I’m not afraid to try out different looks and I often go through phases. I feel like my website is unique in that it reflects the way my surroundings and style inspirations influence me.

On how she plans to gain a larger group of followers who don’t have access to high end brands.

This question often interests me as the blogs with the biggest followings in the world – Song of Style, The Blonde Salad, Kayture, feature 80% high end or couture pieces. They still gain traction in the millions as people go to these blogs for fashion inspiration and not necessarily to buy what they bloggers are wearing.

I would say JTO Fashion features a more balanced mix of high end, high street and vintage. Day to day I wear high street brands and tag these on my social media, however I think people tend to assume I’m constantly wearing expensive clothes, which definitely isn’t the case.

On how she handles the negativity

In many ways the negativity has been a big factor in helping my blogging career and forming the person that I am today. A family name definitely helps to some extent and can be a good starting point however, it would never be the sole contributor to anyone’s success and I and well aware of this. I’ve has to work twice as hard to prove that many of my achievements have been earned on my own.

My motto is that: a family name will only get you so far. if you have nothing to back it up, then it will be very difficult to have a lasting career or be taken seriously. This is also why I aim to establish myself internationally. Many of the brands that approach me in Europe and America have no knowledge or desire of working with me based purely on my family name.


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