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Dear OFB Readers, Here Is A Story About Me.

Don't laugh so hard at my pics, I love taking weird pics and my selfies are usually funny. (Lol).

Today i decided to share a little of myself with you ( OFB readers).

Few years back i always had the zeal to communicate with so many people, I wanted to create my own community in my own name even though I never knew how to go about it. Back then i was still a secondary school student and i knew just one famous blogger, you know her, the household name in Nigeria and across Africa Linda Ikeji.

Back to the my passion, i am a science student and i find art courses boring. How can i chase my passion to communicate with the masses when i find art courses boring and uninteresting?

So I left the idea of being a mass communicator and faced what I had liked best being a scientist.
Fast forwarded that year I got messages from MTN asking me to subscribe to LIB daily news which I did. I got interested in it. Though I had good access to the internet since a close friend of mine runs a cyber cafe, then I will spend hours on Linda Ikeji's blog on Saturday surfing and reading her blog post but I never had an idea of what it takes to become a blogger, but I wanted to become one lol without having knowledge of it.

When I left secondary school, I applied to study Medical laboratory science at Rivers State university of science and technology, which I did not get, instead I was given admission Into the Faculty of Agriculture to study forestry and environment, I took the course and I am enjoying it.
It's so nice travelling and studying about nature (hey that's a discussion for another day).

In June 2015 i became a blogger and since then I have learnt so much. Sometimes I want to give up, especially after I was denied Google AdSense so many times but I got it later though when I finally had a new anthem "Never give up, perseverance is the key".
I have two thing pushing me never to give up(don't worry I will tell you very soon. It's just

Few months  ago when I took a break from the blog so I could face my exams, I received your mails asking why I haven't being posting, I felt glad that I have readers who are devoted to oladosu faith's blog.

I am looking forward to having a strong online community, then I will have to Share all the ideas I have so far and I want to touch lives through this platform. I don't want to walk in anyone's shadow, I want to be the first OFB.

Don't forget to comment, like share and help me create the online community I want. Lets all make impact as a blog called Oladosu faith's blog.
Thanks for keeping up with my blog.

Oladosu faith.

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