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Singles For You! Dear Wives-In-Waiting By Blogger Feeyi Okupe.

Blogger Feeyi Okupe in her new blog post has written a letter to brides in waiting, advising them to prepare and work towards marriage not wedding.

Read below:

"Dear Wives-in-Waiting,

As you prepare for your ‘Wedding’, please put more effort in preparing for ‘Marriage’, because a Wedding is only for a day and Marriage starts the day after the wedding…

As I have always mentioned on my blog, “Marriage is not for Babies, Toddlers and the Unprepared”; so please ladies, in as much as you are ready to walk down the aisle to your ‘Husband-in-Waiting’, in front of all your guests, family and friends, please remember that the actual marriage starts the day after the wedding. You see, the day after the wedding, doors to the reception hall are closed, all the guests are gone and probably preparing for the next wedding. All the Aso-Ebi and layers of make-up have been removed, family & friends have gone back to their normal routine; most likely at Church the next day thanking God for the “souvenirs & jollof rice” from your wedding, but for you; Your life has taken a new phase. You are now a Mrs…and you have a new home. You are probably on your Honey Moon, home or away but it is just You and Hubby. He has become your “New Daddy” and your “New Boss”; the Tuxedo is off and the real him is unveiled. You are now on call 24/7…when he is hungry, you can’t grumble; you have to feed him, when he needs you…you have to be there. You have to honour him and seek his permission concerning most things and most importantly, you become his Help-Meet and you have to be the ‘Mrs Multi-Tasking Woman of the year.’

I am not trying to scare you but I am just being real. I want you to understand that Marriage is not “child’s play”, therefore you have to prepare for it beyond your preparations towards your Wedding Day. Thus you need to read books on Marriage, learn from Wives and good mentors, because Marriage is beyond being a Bride, and everyone calling you Iyawo Wa (“Our Wife”), because your life will move very fast and by God’s Grace, you will soon become a Mother and your life will take another phase again…You become a Wife and a Mother and you cannot afford to stop giving your Husband full attention because you just gave birth to his child. It is God First, Husband and then Baby….You will have to learn very fast how to multi-task like you were ‘Super Woman’, but as the bible says, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us; so do not panic, just trust God and prepare, prepare & prepare…

I have not walked down this road before but I have seen it in the lives of many. I am also learning from God (the orchestrator of Marriage), as well as from amazing Wives & Mothers who are close to me; so I encourage you to do same, and most importantly ask the Helper of helpers to help you as you embark on this new journey, and He will surely see you through. Overall, as we plan towards our blessed wedding day; let us pray & prepare for Marriage and Motherhood. May God bless our homes and make it fruitful, may God give us the strength to be and also exceed the “Proverbs 31 Wife’s attributes”. May we yield to the teachings of the Holy Spirit concerning Marriage and may our Marriages be filled continually with Love, Joy & Peace in Jesus precious name, Amen".

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