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Actress Angela Okorie Pens Advice To Ladies In An Instagram Rant

Actress Angela Okorie shared pieces of advice to ladies on her Instagram page and it's a well penned rant to ladies.

She also shared a the photo below which seems to be a call out.

Read below:

Stop pretending to be savages you know deep down your heart you want a man to love you, but cos of your character and how you talk ill about your fellow women in the mist of whom you want to impress,all because you want to appear as holier than thou.

hey girly at the end of the day you look stupid cos you are a woman too, everyday you say i want to get married or have a relationship , you say it every year and yet you
haven't gotten there yet , why? cos you're limited, you keep chasing what is not chasing u, you keep castigating other people, pocknosing into other people's business, while you are supposed to sit and restructure your own life, you are doing your self harm by trying to fix other people that have fixed them selves already.

take this advice from me - No man wants to be with a woman who is always talking ill about other women or other people, don't think if you try spoiling his or her name it will make u a better person, the guys will always see you as a hoe trying to be a good girl, Be the energy you want to attract, Period.
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