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Inspiring! Things We Learnt From Toke Makinwa's Book 'On Becoming'

The release of Nigerian OAP Toke Makinwa's book took place few days ago and what we have learnt from Toke's book is mind boggling.

Toke's book is for the single, married and divorced but not for those who are scared of venturing into marriage, her book is not for those that lack faith in their spouse /husband. Here is our reasons.

Toke's book 'On becoming' is mind boggling and through her book she earned herself the name 'strong woman'.

For singles: You should not get carried away by the negative words those that are married or those that have had experience of marriage say.
Marriage is the first institution created by God. Women are meant to be the 'help-meet' of their husbands. You should never be scared of taking that step.

Prepare yourself while you wait: From Toke's book she said she had a rough childhood and found love In a man that almost ruined her. Ladies we are always in a hurry to answer Mrs somebody but have you ever sat back to ask yourself what will happen after everyone dances and go home?

Prepare yourself before taking that step, go to seminars, read more about marriage and how to make it successful. Prepare yourself physically, mentality, financially and otherwise.

Another thing is defining your relationship and your place in a man's life; Toke said she later told herself the truth she is the side chick not the other woman. Toke defined her place in his life so late, she was consumed by what she felt and never gave herself a chance to know his true feelings for her. Even when. She knew she wanted to cover up.

For the married: know the other woman is nobody!

That's your home not hers. Your husband honoured God with you when he walked you down the aisle and married you before the church and everyone. You are the only woman entitled to his heart and no one else, so work it out. That's where you spiritual preparation comes in; Toke said she cried when she went to church and after the sermon, she blamed herself for giving into the side chick.
Pray about your family, speak to God about your husband.

The mistake women make; most women make the mistake of trying to fix their man. No man loves to be fixed. You are to love him, respect him and honour but not fix him.  Whatever you don't like about him, speak to his creator In prayers he will fix.

Destroy the enemy in you: one of our personal enemies is low self esteem "Toke bleached for Maje because the other woman is light skinned" you should build your confidence, work on yourself and do more or personal and self development. Develop yourself, you know your areas of weakness, work on it and always tell your self I am the best for him while including God's prayers because it is your duty to speak the word into the life of your hubby.

Singles never settle for less because the best  is meant for you: If any man does not meet those qualities, not money your desire and he is not ready to change before tying the knot don't bother because that will be Genesis of your problems, just let go.

Sometime ago Toke wrote on Instagram that she's preparing herself because the next man she will be with will say he is lucky to have her. Ladies personal development and putting God first is the key to becoming a virtuous woman. Remember your marriage is not Hollywood nor Nollywood so make it happen and work

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