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OFB Recipe: How To Make Rice Milk

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When it comes to easy and affordable homemade drinks, i guess it's safe to say rice milk would be on the list. Making it at home just feels so natural especially if you need a quick fix for that thirst or even hunger pang.
Some people make the thicker version of this, add milk and take it as a hot porridge while some other people make the runny version of this drink, chill it and take it as a cold beverage.
So it actually depends on taste and preference.

If you've tried the commercial variants of this drink, you'd be amazed with what you could come up with at home in terms of giving it your own zing 😎😎. Rice milk is a non diary refreshing drink made with rice. It's quite popular in regions with rice as a major staple. You could use either white or brown rice for this but i find brown rice more flavorful and healthier than white rice. Rice milk can be sweetened with honey, sugar or even syrup. For extra added flavor, feel free to use flavors such as nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla to suit your own preferences.

How to make osicapa (rice) milk - How to make rice milk
• Prep:          5 mins
• Cook time:15 mins
• Total time: 20 mins
• Level:         Easy

• 1 cup brown osicapa (rice)
• ½ cup honey, syrup or sugar to taste
• ½ tbsp. cinnamon powder
• 1 cup milk - Optional
• Water (as desired)

Step 1: Place the rice in a pot. Add just water in the pot and cook the rice till soft

Step 2: Leave to cool for a while then place the cooked rice in a blender, add the cinnamon powder and water. Turn on the blender and process till smooth.

Step 3: Strain the rice milk through a sieve and pour into a serving cup. Add milk & honey or sugar to sweeten. Serve chilled.

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