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FOB Diary: I'm Scared, Slept With My Fiance's Friend

Dear FOB diary,

I stumbled upon your page on Facebook and decided to check the blog out. I found what you call the "FOB diary".
I want to bare it all here because I don't know how to spill it out to anyone.
My story is long, but bear with me, please.

I met my fiance 6 years ago after I had just gained admission into FUTO.  I was a fresher, while he was in level 300. He was so nice from the beginning, loved and respected me. I remember the day I was supposed to pay for an urgent fee in school, he gave me his feeding money back then and went hungry just for me to be happy.

I would call his love for me sacrificial.

We were celibate at the beginning but towards his final year I gave him the cookie and jar which I don't regret. He graduated, got a good job and he is successful. I have also graduated and have a good job. I earn half of his salary which he is aware of but he still gives me money just like before.

How my nightmare started

Last year Le Boo proposed to me right in front of my so called friends and I gladly said yes. Who doesn't want to be with a good man?
Few months after the proposal, my friend brought up the idea that I have stayed with just one man and I don't know what other guys feel like (I mean the other way round).

At first I never liked the sound of that but she kept on persisting. So one day on my way back from work, it was raining and I didn't have an umbrella (I'm not the umbrella type). A car stopped in front of me, offered me a lift home and the rest was history.

We exchanged numbers and he kept calling. On one of his visits to my place, he met my friend and she saw him as the perfect person for me to try out another guy.

Meanwhile, my fiance had introduced me to his family and our formal introduction ceremony was just few weeks ahead.

My friend and I decided to hang out and she called the new guy to come along. I didn't initially agree but I eventually caved in after much persistence.
We had a few bottles and I became sexually aroused (I usually get horny whenever I'm tipsy). The urge was so strong that I couldn't handle it. We had sex in the club. His ''stuff'' was big and perfect so I didn't feel any guilt. We kept on seeing each other.

The problem is, Le Boo invited his friends to meet his bride (me) and it turned out that my side guy is his friend and now he still wants our affair to continue. He even asked me to marry him. But my fear is, what if he tells my fiance about it?
What should I do?
I love my fiance and I want to be with him.

I think you should tell him about it, I mean your Boo. Just do it in an appropriate way. It's better he hears it from you,  decide if he will forgive you or not because if he hears it from someone else, you may not have the chance to explain to him.

Fobers please give your advice on this.

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