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FOB Diary Reply And Cash Giveaway

Hello Faithy (lol...I guess that's what I should start calling you), good day.

I am extremely happy and can't thank you enough for your advice.
I called my Boo and told him I would like us to talk over some things bothering me and he promptly fixed a date which was in the evening of that day. Here is her story

He came over and I did what you advised. I mildly I laid down what was bothering me and he apologized immediately. He said he had been through pain in his past relationships and that he didn't want to show too much emotion towards me so I wouldn't get too excited and change since I'm a good woman. He also admitted he fights himself daily while denying me some certain things I deserve. He apologised for being selfish and the beautiful part of it is that I am seeing a different man. I think he let loose a bit (lol...lucky me). Thanks dear, I am so happy. I love this guy so much and I really never wanted to walk away. I learnt that communication is one key to a having a successful relationship.

Anyway I want to give away a little cash. I don't know how you will get any FOBer so that I will make the payment. Anyhow you do it is fine by me. E-hugs to you.

Aww.......I'm glad I helped you are. So happy you took my advice.
She has 5k to give to one FOBer, just comment. The  comment that is most inspiring will be given the money.

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