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Solomon Buchi.....What Can You Make Out Of A Man?

Motivational speaker and life coach, Solomon Bartholomew Buchi in one his Facebook post threw a thoughtful question to ladies.

Read below;
Michelle Obama in an interview once said that Obama became president because he married her.

That statement was a deep one. It depicted that what he turned out to become was largely a product of her presence in his life.

She made him.
She nurtured the greatness in him.
She watered the greatness in him.

I swear if Obama married some of you reading this, he wouldn't even be a local government area councillor..😏

So the ability of being a president wasn't just Obama's. It was in Michelle; that any man she'd settle with must become great!

She had the ability to make her man become GREAT!
Even if she didn't marry Obama, if it was me, I would've become the president of America.
That brings me to this:


A lot of women do not understand the place they have in nature. Women give birth, women nurture children, women are mothers. This isn't just in the biological facet of life, it cuts across other areas; that women create everything that happens.

The downfall of great men is normally attributed to women. It's no different about the rising of a man. Women make men rise, same way they make men fall.

Nobody would have known about Joseph if he wasn't with Mary.
Joseph became the earthly father of the Saviour of the world because he married Mary!

What a woman carries determines what will be of any man she dates or gets married to.

And this is why the Bible talks about a man receiving favour when he finds a wife. It's not the woman who receives favour, it's the man who receives favour because of the woman!

She carries in her womb his destiny.
That's why most times if you meet the right woman, a lot of beautiful things and feats will start happening in your life.

What kind of man can you make?

A thirty year old intelligent guy who sells Soya milk here said he had to give up on his relationship because she wouldn't permit him to sell soya milk. He's this ambitious motivational speaker who is trying to overcome shame and help himself, raise funds and further his long term visions.

He left his girlfriend because he knew the influence she'd have over him. Bad influence.

Some women go into the lives of men and their finances dwindle.
Their passion and drive falls down.
Which one are you?
Will you make me a millionaire when I used to be a billionaire?
Or will you make me a billionaire when I used to be a millionaire?

Michelle saying that Obama became president because he married her, wasn't just some lip service.

She built herself, gave herself the ability to make her man great.

What Will I become if I marry you?
What will I become if I date you?
What can you help me achieve?
These are questions women should answer.

What can you make out of a man?

Don't sit back there wishing and dreaming to marry a world celebrity. Be the woman who'll make her man that world celebrity. Make yourself that woman that there's just no how your man will be small and insignificant in life because he married you.

I remember being asked a question like this, some time ago.

Credit: Solomon Buchi Bartholomew
Life Coach/Motivational Speaker

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