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Dear FOB Diary! I Have Given Up On Love Please Help Me

Dear FOB Diary,

I am a 28 year old man who is already a Master's degree holder and also working for a reputable oil company here in Nigeria. I earn a six-figure salary.

I have never been lucky with the ladies because all they want is what they can get from me. I am not stingy; I care for my women. But I'm not the type that shows off. Whenever I shop for myself, I also shop for whoever I'm dating. I even go as far as to buy pads. It's not a big deal. I give money freely, pay for house rents and all. I'm responsible for my women.
But it's as If I don't do enough at all. I attend a church that frowns upon premarital sex and won't wed anyone that indulges in it so in my relationships I usually stay celibate
I introduced my ex to every member of my family (they loved her) but she was fond of telling lies and was very unaccountable. I overlooked all these. I told her almost everything about me. She even had the passwords to my social media accounts and all. I pictured her in my future but she went behind my back and slept with my friend despite the fact that we were both supposed to be celibate. Someone who claimed to be okay with the no-sex-before-marriage rule when I asked. God knows I wasn't selfish.

Why is it so difficult to find a decent woman and stay happy? I am totally giving up on love. Please help me!

Faith: I am sorry about what you have been through but providing for a lady is not all  that is needed in a relationship, there might be other things you are not doing right, so sit and and think about it. Also God will bring the one that's yours to you, it's just a matter of time and patience.

Do you want me to

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