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FOB #WCW: ROK Studios Mary Remy Njoku

It's brand new Wednesday and it's for FOB to crush on one amazing woman and our woman crush Wednesday is Mary Remy Njoku.

Mary Njoku started as a C-list actress but founded in  August 2013 Mary Remmy Njoku founded Rok studios. Rok Studios is a Nigerian film production company. Its production studios is a leading African film production studio based in Anthony Village, Lagos. In addition to its numerous films, Rok Studios has produced over 12 TV series including Husbands of Lagos.

Some years ago Mary was told that she is not "Big Enough" to be featured in "their movies" but today Mary has not just grown bigger but employs other "Bigger Celebrities" to work in her movies.
Mary is married to Jason Njoku, owner of Iroko Tv and they are blessed with 3-kids.

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