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Ladies Stop Being The Fool! How To Spot "The Padlock Guys" In A Relationship

Joro Olumofin, the popular relationship expert on Instagram has given us yet another category of guys that are joy killers and won't bring you joy in a relationship. He classified them as "the Padlock Men".

According to the popular love doctor, “any man who doesn’t have tangible plans for (a) lady yet stands in her way of finding love” is a padlock guy.

The seven most common traits you will see in such guy are:
1. He uses one of the most important things you have as a lady which is your time /age /youth. (You will never be 24 again, or 25 again, or 27 again)
Wasting your time is detrimental. But that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

2. He eats your food so much. A guy who has this tendency would have had you prepare meals for him with such regularity that you’d literally pass as his maid.
3. He also increase your vagina mileage.
If a guy has been dating you for more than two years and has sex with you almost every day, what will be left for the next guy you’ll eventually end up with, the bearded love therapist asks.

4. Such guy lets you carry out occasional abortions for him because he knows he won’t marry you.
They say if you block him, you'll move in quickly than if you don'
Padlock guys date you for so long, dump you and you'll see on social media that he got married in less than six months afterwards. (Women Planet)

5. Joro Olumofin adds that a padlock guy also collects your money and savings.
You give him the money because you’re investing in him, not because you’re a charity organization but you won’t know you’re investing in him just for him to find his own Mrs right in the nearest future.

6. He uses your star and prayers.

7. He introduces you to his your friends/family and instructs them to call her ‘Iyawo wa’ [our wife]  knowing that that’s what you want to hear.
Guys who have been dating a babe for more than two years and have refused to give her a ring should end such relationships, he said.

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