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FOB Diary 1: The Long Awaited Christmas And How I Feel.

Many of you are so excited about the season well, for me apart from celebrating the birth of Christ there’s nothing so special. Some of my friends said it’s cuz I am becoming icy at heart or the fact that I am working too much. Well, some say I use excessive work to feel the ‘space’ they probably feel I have in my heart but then my question is ‘is there really a space in my heart’.

Location: Port Harcourt pleasure park. 
Exactly one year down the memory lane when there was really no space, hope you grab? I wasn't  really excited about the festival period since I am not the party type, I’d rather sit in front of my PC all day blogging and I don’t really enjoy watching movies.
So, what rocks for me is blogging, apart from it being what I love doing, I use it to away buy time and I am among those who are not easily bored or misses others in a hurry. Is there any name for that, I mean the normal names you guys keep.
My wishes for the festive season, I wish I have enough cash instead of what I see in my bank account which is 1000 Naira only, that can’t buy a plate of rice and chicken. I would love to play a little secret Santa to others, firstly, I’d love to go port Harcourt shopping mall to purchase roses since it’s my best flower, package it with cakes and send to my friends as a surprise telling them how much I Love them. I’d love to take my mum for shopping, have lunch with her in any of the restaurants in Port Harcourt then take her to a SPA for a massage and allow her to be pampered after a long year of struggling to make sure I and my siblings are comfortable. I wish I could surprise my dad with a gift and also send one to my best friend’s mum what’s life without appreciating those around us? I also wish to visit the orphanage with my siblings and teach them how to appreciate life and all, who they’ve got and also have a giveaway appreciating my blog readers and telling y’all how much I value you. I wish I will be able to give in hundreds of thousands and millions soon.
I wish I could take my siblings to Port Harcourt pleasure park, take them for shopping also watch them play,  as the first child they are expecting from me in one way or the other but then these are wishes which I don’t know how to make come through.
I feel incomplete and unfulfilled cus I haven’t been able to check the good to all I planned for the year both the first quatre and second quatre and it’s gradually coming to an end. After acquiring a new laptop this December it’s just like they blew a wind on my account, everything is gone like all my savings for the year is on my laps as I type (Laptop). It’s all for the best though. I constantly remind myself that in all we should give thanks to God and to surrender all to him makes me feel safe. I am having a flashback of 2016 December and I remember how tough it was for me, how I reduced from 55kg to 40kg, Wow all I can say is thank you lord and it's been wonders all the way.
Please send your feedback by leaving commenting it’s my first diary post and I will like to know how you feel about.
Spontaneous Christmas kisses to you!

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