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How Facebook And Other Social Media Platforms Affect Your Relationship

How Facebook and other social media platforms affect your relationship?
Someone might be wondering what kind of post title is this? while someone else might be grateful. Well, that’s apart.Social media has played one role or the other in our relationship.
A relationship in this context, I am referring to an intimate relationship, what most of you refer to as “boyfriend and girlfriend” that kind of relationship.
How Facebook And Other Social Media Platforms Affect Your Relationship
Earlier this week, I sat down with a young lady who walked into the office while I was preparing for a blogging class with some students. She sat beside me and greeted me.
I was too busy to lift up my head but I responded to her greeting and continued with my phone.
I noticed her sobs as she tried not allow the pain in her becloud her. I tried to ignore her as I tried concentrating but I couldn’t. So, I moved closer to her and asked: “what’s the problem, dear”. But what do you expect her to say? She tried hiding it so I offered her a handkerchief and she opened up.
What’s her story? She felt rejected, uncared for and cheated.
“I thought he loved me. I mistook his care for love. Of course, he would tell me I love you severally but I trusted him, the value I saw him made me gave him my 100% trust. I believed our love was a fairytale.
getting I picked up his phone and snooped and it was just the same strategy he used to woe me; He started it all over again with different girls on Facebook, when I found out, I felt cheated, I felt hurt and broken.
says made me feel insecure and I could feel the gap and distance growing between us. I am hurt but I don't know how to express my feelings. I don't want him to know I snooped".
I was trying to absorb all when she said that she isn't sure if he loves her same way she loved him.

When it falls to sensitivity in a relationship, many lovers are so insensitive try to match how they would feel with the other person’s feelings without really putting themselves in the others shoe. I have heard someone say "it doesn’t matter and I am dating none of them, I love my girlfriend but she complains much about my social media life”.
The question is, do you think people should adjust their social media lifestyle because they are in a relationship?
While I allow you ponder over that question so you can come up with an answer, I want to highlight a few things.
I have seen some guys and ladies who go about on social media chatting and being close different ladies and men respectively but their partners aren’t finding it funny.
My Basic tips for today will be:
Don’t hurt your partner with the your  “it doesn’t matter or I am not having anything to do with them moments”.
Learn To understand their needs emotionally and learn to listen to them
I have seen certain situations where either the man or the woman wants to speak with them and they are busy texting or chatting someone else. This doesn’t mean the man or woman has to be tied your trouser or apron respectively, There should flexibility but firmness in emotional understanding.
Trust should be worked on because where there’s trust there won’t be a need for screaming over who your partner is or has been chatting with,
Learn to e accommodating and correct your partner calmly and patiently in order to prevent your ‘London bridge’ from crashing because when it crashes you won’t hear social media, what you will hear is ‘there was no trust in our relationship’.
Moving back to the story above:
I told her to call him, sit and share your views and let him know she feels about his social media relationship other girls which she did and she was grateful because he never knew he was hurting her and he had to adjust. She misunderstood everything and she thought he doesn’t love her or he probably cheating on her but she was wrong, he loved her but also loved making new friends on social media which 90% are ladies. She told him she trusts him but she is just jealous and they sorted things out. Sometimes the problem is not just social media but the problem is communication, not just communication but communicating rightly.
Social media can make or destroy your relationship, it just depends on your mentality and maturity. Social media doesn’t destroy relationship it only assists those who want their relationship destroyed to finish it. It enhances the destruction of the relationship between the Selfish ones. You are selfish, you don’t want to adjust, you are arrogant and proud. You don’t want to listen or make adjustment or amendment.
You have insecurity issues, you don’t want to trust your partner and you scream “it’s because of his/her phone” that is why it’s not working. I call it a bluff, Go and make amendments, yelling helps nothing. so, do it gently and rightly. Social media helps your relationship die because you want it to, it doesn’t destroy it if you don’t permit.
I concluded this article while listening to “I lay my love on you” by Westlife, don’t forget to Lay your love, affection and all on your partner. Do have a blissful day ahead.

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