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Monday Motivations: Start Now!!! Yesterday Was The Tomorrow Of A “Today”.

It’s a brand new Monday and just like we do it on fob we get inspired. So today while I was sitting in class pondering on what to write as my Monday motivations a friend walked in and asked if he could see a movie with my laptop and I nodded him a “yes”.
I decided to fidget with my phone while he was making use of the laptop, and I opened Facebook. I came across a picture (photo of above) showing top brands in the world such as Apple, Amazon etc how they started, the kind of structure which they use for their offices and all that came into my mind were these two lines “Never despise a humble beginning” and “you don’t need to have everything before starting. Start, think fast and grow big”.
I remember when I delved into blogging newly, I was a confused young girl and all I wanted and still want, is to get to the top and not just getting there but remaining at the top. We all need to strategize, start with our little, develop and grow consistently.
Aspiring to own a big brand isn’t a bad idea but whats wrong is having dreams and burying them because you are scared of failing. I am sorry to say this “I have failed so many times and I have picked up myself and grown above my mistakes”.
Your problem isn’t the little resources but your problem is the inability of you seeing the MANY in your little.
If Apple, Amazon, and Co had waited for a big establishment before starting you might never hear their names.
The ideas in us are priceless, avoid procrastination and remember that yesterday was the tomorrow of a “Today”.


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