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Full Story: The Hijab, The Hijab Right Activist And The Call To Bar Controversy

Firdaus Amasa, a Nigerian law graduate who was denied 'call to bar' has said she was aware her insistence on wearing her hijab on her call to bar ceremony would get her barred, Premium Times reports.

Firdaus had been denied from being called to the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) after showing up to her call to bar wearing her hijab.
The internet went buzzing, some people saying she knew the rules and should have abided by them, while others said it is her fundamental human right to wear a hijab.

 A. B. Mahmoud, the president of the Nigerian Bar Association has described the controversy as needless, saying it will be addressed.
Firdaus, speaking to Premium Times, said her major concern was to pave the way for others in the coming years to be permitted to use their hijab during the ceremony.
She said there are no laws proscribing the use of the hijab, and it is only a convention. She added she “knew that was what was going to happen.” She said:

My major concern is the approval of Hijab so that every person coming behind me will be able to use it for the call to the bar.
There is nothing like that (laws preventing the use of Hijab). When you ask them too, they tell you it is convention; that that is how it is done and it has to remain like that.
My demand is that Hijab should be approved.
hijab controversy
Meanwhile, the daughter of president Muhammadu Buhari Halima Buhari was spotted without Hijab on her call to bar ceremony.
Several others have their opinions on this trending but I think there are a law and lawyers and the law school know rigid it is there. I think she is playing with a future as a lawyer unless she intends going outside the country to achieve her dreams of becoming a lawyer.
I think she should wait and fight after becoming a lawyer and then many Muslims won't call her stupid and join her Hijab Right activist movement cus I read so many comments and some Muslims called her stupid.
This is my one cent and also below are reports from an alleged eyewitness;

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