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R.C.D: Dear FOB, I Need Help, My Boyfriend Is Stingy

R.C.D:  Dear FOB, I Need Help, My Boyfriend Is Stingy
Dear FOB, nice job, please keep me anon. I discovered your blog through one of your latest relationships. I am based in Lagos and my Boo is based in Abuja.

I met him online, a mutual friend introduced me to him and after several months of chatting, he asked me out and I accepted without meeting him physically. Fast forwarded to My this year he came to my base to see me this year and in Nov, I travelled o Abuja to see him and it was lit, during this two trips he gave me less than 5k out and when I went to his place he gave me my transport. My problem is, he is stinging, when December started approaching, he tried to pick up fights severally which I didn’t  allow cus love was shaking me. This festive period, he hasn't mentioned anything or even makes a statement about it. Please note I am an entrepreneur and own a good make shop in Lagos, so I am not dependent on him. When I tried to talk to him about it, he said he is busy as he is preparing to travel to his hometown. This guy is from Anambra and I am beginning to feel he wants to go home and marry another girl from his hometown. Since I’m a Yoruba girl and there’s this belief that Anambra guys do not marry outside their state. I am confused cos I love him, he is a gentleman. Please, I need your advice.

I will advise you sit down with him and let him know how you feel about his attitude in a polite way. Note there is this wife material nonsense in town and one of their tape or yardstick for measurement is money, so be careful when running around it, don't sound desperate but discuss it with him because if he has the intention to settle down with you, what you can't stop today, you be able to, tomorrow.


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