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FOB DIARY: Valentines Day Of A Very Single Lover

Valentines Day Of A Very Single Lady
14th February was Valentine, and you know what that means its called lovers day. Many believe that them, though I am of the opinion that every day should be valentines for, but how can that be when some days they have to quarrel and make faces.
So, this year’s valentines happens to fall on an Ash Wednesday, that’s for those are Catholics or Anglicans.
If you are in the singles gang like me, well, you will be in your bed by this time or giving yourself a quite treat right on your bed. I spent today just like every normal day out there. Though I have never really celebrated valentines. Since I became grown ass lady and could actually go out and return on time according to the rules of the house I haven’t gone out on valentines day. When I was playing hide and seek game I would go out with then-boyfriend on the 13th so I could be at home through the day on the day on the 14th as a good day that I am na, (lol).

So as a grown-up girl, last year I had a boyfriend but didn’t celebrate valentines,  I had my first semester year 3 exam going on and o that 14th by 2-5pm I had a paper, according to one of the ethics that guided my then relationship, I wasn’t allowed to see him when I am writing my exams, He is a good guy like that and cared so much about me doing great with what I do.
So this year, I am in the singles club, it’s not something I dislike anyway, ts so beautiful and peaceful. I had a plan off going out with my friends but along the line, I ended up at the library reading my book. I spent my whole day reading, after which I strolled to my friend’s place just close to my school where I ate fries and found myself sleeping. When I woke up, I had to gist a bit and headed home. Now here the adventure began. On my way home, I decided to consciously take note of eateries, bar, restaurants and hangouts and the turn out was really surprising. I haven’t been out at night on vals day, so I decided to take note of all that, every Sharwama spot was filled with a long queue attached to it. From Rivers State University to my house took 30-40mins because there was traffic at Pepperoni junction, the crowd of lovers everywhere so much PDA and loud music.

I thought I had seen it all, but then I never knew there was a wait for it along the way. Lol. I saw a lady kneeling on beside the road begging, I suppose her boyfriend while he was shouting on the top of his voice lol and in my heart, I knew the world will soon come to an end, (Why will you allow your partner kneel before you in public apologizing). Why did I even use the word ‘Partnership’ how many people understand that a relationship is a partnership and not somewhere you can show your power. So when I alighted from the cab, I gave the loud driver his money, though I noticed that Port Harcourt drivers are terribly rude and they never have change. (Deep sigh). I got some fruits and headed home, and some persons were wishing me happy valentines, it was a funny one but I replied anyway. I am on the top of my blogging right now. So how did you spend your Valentine?
I wrote this post on valentines day, but could not post it due to some circumstances that were not under my control.

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