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A Review Of Laura Ikeji's New Book "How To Make Money On Instagram"

A Review Of Laura Ikeji's New Book-How To Make Money From Instagram
Fashion entrepreneur younger sister to celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji unveiled her book on Instagram and it went viral immediately.
Of course, it had to be on Instagram which is her preferred social media platform and the basis for her self-help “How to” book.
In typical Laura style, she first began with a little drama before she revealed the book. She publicly acknowledged her husband, infant son and older sister Linda Ikeji in separate posts. After the fanfare, she uploaded a picture with a caption explaining her Instagram follower growth and why her new book would help everyone else achieve the same results.
She followed it up by stating the stops for her book tour and much to everyone’s surprise, Dubai, London and Houston were listed among others. With Toke Makinwa recently having attempted the same feat with a relative sense of success that has left many wondering if this is a good idea.
“How To Make Money On Instagram” is…

The title and its subtitle of “The Brand Influencer Guide” is not something that would make it any different from those posters that are photocopied on A4 sheets of paper and stuck to Borokiri fences. They promise they will teach you how to make money on Facebook, Instagram and open websites that will rake in millions. Of course for just a small monetary fee and a few hours of your time dedicated to the cause.

But let us say we were to look past that, yes? And proceed with the contents? The book promised 50+ pictures featured within the pages. It did live up to this promise with entire pages dedicated to portraits that displayed her and mostly only her. There were few exceptions like one cradling her son at the last page and another of Kanu’s proposal to her.

But honestly, if I wanted to see the SAME pictures that littered her Instagram in a book then it wouldn’t be in a book that promises to help me stack up cash in an obscure part of my house.

A self-help book or autobiography?
If you are going to get through the book to the actual crux of why you spent 5000 nairas on it in the first place then you are going to have to endure the first 4 chapters and other excerpts. They revolve around her, her life, her childhood, her love life, her sister, her …You get the point.

Frankly, if you’re going to give us an autobiography then create two sections, one for the actual self-help advice and another to fit your memoir in. Spare us the details, we came here to find out how to make money. Just like you promised us.

Editors abound, unfortunately not here
I am stressed thinking about it. The book is filled with simple sentences which read like they were dictated and written down the minute they were uttered. It could be deliberate in order for different levels of readers being able to read and comprehend its contents. Or it could just be that an editor did not happen to be a part of the process.

We really will never get to know.
Is Laura Ikeji’s self-help book really worth the time …Or 5000 naira purchase?
It did soldout within 24 hours on the not so popular e-commerce platform, PayPorte. But sales do not account for the contents actually being relevant and the self-help book is useful.

The 150-page book spends more time being a memoir slash autobiography than it does being a self-help book. If you do decide to read it, it won’t be to learn anything new about Instagram or making money off the platform. It will be for the same reasons most of us frequent Linda Ikeji’s blog; gossip.

She failed miserably to mention how maybe, just maybe, her sister being a millionaire that built a blogspot website into a media empire might have something to do with her Instagram popularity.
Or that her also having a husband that is of interest to the public could be another reason for her boost in followers.

Because really, how do you teach people to make money on Instagram without telling them to marry famous husbands? Or being born with a rich big sister? I want a refund, please.
I did not make money on Instagram so now I will need a refund so I can stand a chance of surviving on my almost-wasted money.

When I get to read it, I will know if this review is a yay or nay.

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