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The John Boyega's Fever| 4 Things We Learnt From His Masterclass

You all know John Boyega, Nigerian born British and Hollywood star has been in Nigeria for some time now.  He was here in December but then he came for holidays. You remember, the 'Club Brouhaha' how popular OAP Toke Makinwa complained of her experience with the one of Boyega's alleged bodyguard, well that’s not what we are emphasizing on today.
John has been in Nigerian for a couple of days now and the media has been buzzing over it, we should tag it the ‘John Boyega’s fever’. He has been on a media tour. He has been having several interviews but on Radio stations, Tv’s and online media outlets include his visit/collaboration with Accelerate Tv.

John having been featured in Top Hollywood movies which include Star Wars, movie Pacific Rim and a movie based on Chimamanda Adichie’s book Half of a yellow sun.
He has been promoting his new movie Pacific Rim and had earlier said he is gathering content and what’s to make a new movie in Nigeria well that’s a great news right.


Meanwhile, I listened to Boyega’s speech at the master class which was tagged ‘The journey’ I grabbed four vital lessons I could make out of it.
The major quote I grabbed from his speech "You have to hurt, you have to fail and you have to put in the work"..Boyega

Understanding the dynamics of your Business:
While speaking to the audience, he said that there is more to fil industry than being just an actor or actress. The part of production, cinematography,  directing, set doctors and other vital roles. Understanding the different facet of the business of filmmaking helps you to be more grounded and even better at your chosen path.

The Boyega you should be emulating:
Looking at Boyega. Many upcoming actors and actress will be inspired and want to be like him, live the; life, affect your society and create the buzz he is creating on social media today but, how many will take time to understand the business of self-development?
Boyega’s rise in Hollywood didn’t come on a platter of gold, especially in an industry dominated by competitors.
He explained how after his first big movie ‘ Attack The Block’ his entrance into the largest movie industry in the world ‘Hollywood’ was met with series of rejections despite several attempts and attending several auditions.
Boyega said he realized that if he had gotten the role he auditioned for or taking a break at this time, he would have failed. So he persevered, he went back to work on himself, watched his own move, learnt from them and talked to himself that self-development is also part of the deal. When you have value, opportunity comes and you are ready for them.

Passion is always a currency
Boyega explained how passion is a high currency needed for success. He talked about how his passion for movie making, acting has always been in him with no passion for a 9-5 job.  Following your passion is a major key.

Risk Taking And Taking Corrections is part of life:
Boyega also shared a little on risk-taking, having patience and calculative thinking. He said while he was waiting to star in his current biggest movie ‘ Star Wars’ he was offered roles in other movies such as power rangers, terminator which are also top- notch movies. He could only get one at a time which meant he either chooses one of those movies and forfeits his confirmation for ‘Star Wars’.
Boyega took a risk, which if his confirmation on star wars feature didn’t come out positively he would have lost out in all three movies. He decided to take the risk, a risk which changed his career forever. Life isn’t all about blind competition.

He also stated that most actors don’t give room for criticism. I remember the case of Omoni Oboli and one of YNaija's editors who wrote a content that criticized one of her movies can’t remember which though. Well, that’s not the topic for today. Boyega advised against not bein open to being criticized. He said to progress in your art, you need to take a step back and listen to people, people that you respect.

Did Boyega’s interest in Nollywood arise as a result of the success of Marvels superhero movie Black Panther which seems to be heading towards becoming the highest grossing movie in the world of all times?

My Take On Boyega:
I think Boyega has done well for himself, considering he is just 26years old and Nigerians are proud of him.

I saw a video of him and Mo Abudu, well I am not expecting less if they collaborate but hopefully, I am trying to believe John wouldn’t be selling the shithole side of Nigeria which different Hollywood movies have promoted. The reason why Africans embraced black panther is that it was the first time Africa is portrayed in a movie without the shithole and slavery side in a land described as Wakanda which has value and power unlike the movie 7-years a slave did I hope he learns from that.
The reason why I love and respect Adichie so much isn’t that she is a feminist or because she is a Nigerian woman who has made name for herself. It’s because of her book which was later acted as a movie ‘ Half of a yellow sun’.

Nollywood shouldn’t fail to sell the right information to the world. They should take advantage of this and sell what we truly are, what we stand for, our society, how rich our cultures are to the rest of the world.
Permit me to digress a little, I was watching one the vlogs of Nigerian vlogger Adanna Davids who married a German and they are based overseas. In that vlog, hey came to see her father in Abuja. So they filmed their journey through until they got to her father’s house in Nigeria and also the vlog showed the richness of their home. I was reading the comment section and I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing and I was reading. People where typing oh it doesn’t look like the normal shithole we thought Nigeria is, the kitchen is even larger than my living room and all that.
So what’s my point?

Africa is richer than what we think it is and Nigeria is better than the shithole it is portrayed outside. The movie industry should sell the better side of Nigeria and other parts of Africa to the world.
I hope  John and other top Nollywood A-list producers and actors he will be working with would no fail to help him develop a perfect content for his movie.

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